Umpqua Steelhead

Successful guided fishing trips in southern Oregon start with an experienced guide.

"I grew up fishing Oregon's rivers and lakes. My years of experience will put you on fish. "- Bryan Rhoades, King's Guide Service!

PRICES: Call Bryan for current prices!

  Call Bryan @ 541-556-8028 to book your dream now. I take pride in tayloring your trip. Call for river/lake any local fishing information. I love promoting our awsome local fisheries and passing on solid information even if you don't want to book a trip.

Umpqua River Levels at Elkton, Oregon -future predictions!

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Your fishing expert in Southern Oregon!

 We specialize in custom trips from the southern Oregon coast to the high Cascades. Bryan has been a licensed guide in Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska for over 26 years. Whether you want to fish the Umpqua for spring Chinook,(yum) or bass, or maybe try the McKenzie for  summer steelhead or trout on the fly. Your options really are limitless.  Every season has its own personality, with its own target fisheries. Steelhead are available all summer long on the Willamette, McKenzie, and Umpqua. Winter steelhead are available all winter long on Umpqua, Siuslaw, Elk, Sixes, Coquille, and various other secret honey holes. Our salmon fishing is done on the, Umpqua, Willamette , and McKenzie in the spring. For fall Chinook and Coho. we fish all over the southern Oregon coast eg. Siuslaw, Coquille, Umpqua,  Siltcoos, Smith, Elk, Sixes,Chetco. At Kings guide service, we pride ourselves on customizing your trip. We believe that by providing a safe, customized experience, we can make your fishing/river trip dreams come true. Your  communication is key in our planning the perfect trip for you. This is the beauty of fishing from a drift boat on Oregon’s gorgeous rivers...  It’s only you and the river , and your best buddy, or father, or son,ect…  The options are truly limitless around southwestern Oregon. There is always a local adventure awaiting within  an hour or two from Eugene. Regardless of your skill level, your preferred tackle/technique, or even your level of “fishing intensity”, I guarantee I can put you on fish. You will have fun! Start planning your trip with me A.S.A.P.. I don’t mind sharing secrets. I’m also offering a fly-fishing class, which includes, casting lessons and half day on the river. I prefer communicating on the phone if you have questions/booking, it’s much easier for me. Southern Oregon offers more remote fishing than the northern coast. Most days we see very few people, (we never compete for a spot) and always see some wildlife. We can catch summer steelhead in downtown Eugene or you may prefer some smaller rivers on the coast that only a half-crazy person would go to on the perfect day. Our success is highly based on good timing. That’s my job. It is my promise to you that I will not book your fishing trip, if your odds for success aren’t absolutely the very best .

 Bryan Rhoades 541-556-8028